Friday, December 9, 2016

Hyun Bin is Present at the VIP Premiere of Ha Ji Won's movie Life-Risking Romance

Hyun Bin at VIP Premier of Ha Ji Won movie Life-Risking Romance
Hyun Bin attend Life Risking Romance VIP Premiere - December 08, 2016

This is the most awaited event that we are looking for as a Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won shipper. We last saw them being together in a single place at the Late Autumn VIP Premiere that had happened way back February 11, 2011. [Hyun Bin visit to the wake of HJW's father last January 2016 is not counted]. We of course know for sure that they've seen each other in a private meet-up after Hyun Bin's discharge in his Marine Service [December 2012]. One proof of this is when Ha Jiwon said in her fan meeting in Singapore on January 2015 that "the last time they saw each other was last year". Take note, when she said "last year", it was January 2015, so last year isn't a long time ago, it can be December of 2014! Ha ha ha 😀😂😃

Watch the video that proved for what she had said in Singapore Fan Meeting

Ha Ji Won at Life Risking Romance VIP Premier - December 08, 2016
Ha Ji Won at Life Risking Romance VIP Premiere - December 08, 2016

Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won sister Jeon Yoo Gyong at Life-Risking Romance Premier
June Yoo Gyong [left - HJW sister] holding Hyun Bin's arm at VIP Premiere
What's adds up to our intense overload joy right now is when her sister June Yoo Gyong posted this photo on her Instagram account chicandchick_space. They were probably at the backstage and she managed to take a photo with our amazing namja.

Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won mother at Life Risking Romance VIP Premier
Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won's mother [wearing black, holding Hyun Bin's arm, right]

On the next day [December 9, 2016], the Instagram account of jiwona1023 posted a photo of Hyun Bin together with Ha Ji Won's mother and some of her friends or family or staffs.

As you can see, both her sister and her mother were holding Hyun Bin's arm. Is this a sign of comfortableness? Moreover, Ha Jiwon's sister were having a thumbs up 👍 gesture, does it means that Hyun Bin is already approved to be her brother-in-law? 😏😃😀

Right now we're still waiting and hoping that there will be a photo of them together at this event, but I guess that was closely impossible to have since you and me believed that they were playing it safe not to reveal their relationship in public [if there is].

Other Photos Grabbed from Instagram for this VIP Premiere

Didn't you noticed that both of HJW's photos with these guys were in black and white? I was wondering if she personally requested it to be that way 😏😉