Friday, November 25, 2016

Ha Jiwon's Favorite Spring Song

It's autumn already and I'm a bit late to post this one.

hajiwon favorite secret garden ost
from IG of hikko3232

I've seen this photo way back March I guess and this afternoon I'm listening to
Sung Si Kyung - You Are My Spring (one of Secret Garden OST).

While listening to it I remember that this is Ha Ji Won's favorite spring song,
then I also remembered that this is the background song in Secret Garden episode 14 VIP Party kiss, and then I'm not sure but I believe it is also the background song in episode 20 Honeymoon kiss.

So I watched those episodes again to confirm, and boom... they are!

I also remembered that Ha Ji Won said in Fan Meeting (not sure where, not even sure if it is really in Fan meeting) that even she have watched Secret Garden many times, she don't get tired of watching it, that this drama is a masterpiece.

Maybe she remembered that the background song on their intense kissing scenes is "You are my spring"..