Friday, October 7, 2016

Ha Ji Won is your Current Boyfriend Close to your Dream Guy?

Ha Ji Won guesting at Star Date last August 2012.

I don't know if the Host of the show is trying to deceived Ha Jiwon by asking "Is your current boyfriend close to your dream guy?".

Did he got a rumored that Ha Jiwon had a boyfriend and he's trying to confirm it?
Or he just wondering if Ha JiWon had a boyfriend and tried a trick question to extract a clue from it?

Ha Jiwon is your current boyfriend close to your dream guy?

Ha Jiwon - Im not dating

Ha JiWon have you ever said you werent when you actually were having boyfriend?

Ha Jiwon - No. I dont lie when they I ask me if I have a boyfriend

Ha Jiwon - you never lied? No

Ha Jiwon - you just avoided the question about boyfriend

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