Sunday, September 25, 2016

Secret Garden Sweet Moments Compilation

secret garden ha ji won hyun bin honeymoon kiss bts
I like this clip because you can see Gil RaIm really fall on it.

ha ji won hyun bin bed kiss

hyun bin ha ji won bed kiss
It's kinda naugthy to post this one. I didn't made it, I just grab it from someone else

ha ji won hyun bin elevator kiss
Elevator kiss

hyun bin put hot pad on ha ji won's hand
Episode 13 BTS - Hyun Bin putting hot pad on Ha JiWon's hand

secret garden bts sweet ha ji won hyun bin
Episode 5 BTS
The way Ha Ji Won touches Hyun Bin to comfort him after she slaps him on this episode's scene. Hyun Bin then act like a crying child maybe he wanted another hug from Ha Ji Won.

hyun bin hold ha ji won hand
Episode 19 BTS
The cameraman caught the two holding hands.
Based on my observation, Ha JiWon is wondering why Hyun Bin is holding her hand.
After she let go his hand, HJW then put her hands together maybe because she doesn't want Hyun Bin to get a chance to grab it again? Not here Hyun Bin, people were watching ♡☺♡

holding hands hyun bin ha ji won
Hyun bin grab Ha JiWon's hand again, and this time HJW slams his hand so it would break from holding.

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  1. For the secret garden Japan bts, the part wear they were in the blanket watching the sun rise. Do you know what she says to him when he tried to kiss her? :)