Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Business Trip to South Korea Leads Me to Gil Ra-Im House

Three days before I go to South Korea, I asked help from fellow fans on Facebook group Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won Fans Love Forever to give me the exact address of Gil RaIm house in Secret Garden. Days passed by, I'm already in Incheon but still got no response from any of them and I started to lose hope.

It was my day 3 in South Korea and it happened to be the first day of the business conference that I attend to, I met a Korean lady that was assigned to us as an interpreter for this conference. Actually, I have two colleagues who come with me on this trip, and when they left the table leaving only me and the Interpreter, [around 3pm] I courageously asked the Korean if she knew the address of Gil RaIm from Secret Garden.

Good thing she is familiar with the drama and she even told me that it was once popular in Korea. She took her phone and begun to search the location. She asked me if I know how to ride the Subway and I said yes. We add each other on a messenger WeChat. She said that the internet connection is slow.

My colleagues had returned but the Korean Interpreter haven't gave me the information I need. A moment of silence for both of us because I don't want those two colleagues of mine to know what we've been talk about.

Time is up, 6pm end of session. It is too much if I ask her to give me the information RIGHT NOW, instead I ask her if she's still be our interpreter for the Day 2 of the event and she said yes. I thought I'm gonna lose the chance but there is still hope for tomorrow's meet-up.

7pm while on the diner with the other members of the conference, I received a message on WeChat. It's just an hour before we separate ways, the Korean Interpreter gave me the instruction on how to get there. On how to come to Gil RaIm house.

God is so great isn't he? He always gave you an angel to lead the way.

The next day, I supposed to be on the Day 2 of the conference but chosen not to so I can go to Gil RaIm house. Before I leave the hotel, I asked my colleague to give the dried mangoes to the Korean Interpreter. I bought 3 dried mangoes on my country and planned to give them to any Korean that I'm gonna like or will give me a warm feeling. The first one was given to the very first taxi driver that we rode on and the second was given to Korean Interpreter.

11am, the Korean Interpreter send me a thank you message for the gift. She even said that dried mangoes was one of her favorite. If I know, I should've given the third dried mango I have.

Gil Ra-Im house Secret Garden


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