Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ha JiWon Picture is on Hyun Bin's Wallet

I've seen this post a long time ago but I wanted to re-post this one because I think this is a good evidence we have if and only if the story being told below was true.

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first… There were a small group of them talking, and there was this one guy who said he doesn’t have a wife, but he dates a lot of women, and he pulled their pictures, turns out they’re photos of actresses, lol! (not sure if it’s magazine or card or actual photos.) And there’s one pic of Hwang Jini and the guy made a gesture of kissing the picture. HB saw it and smile, and he pulled his wallet & flashed it and point to the guy’s photo as if saying she’s mine. That’s why my friend’s brother was able to say what he said, because they saw a clear photo of Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won together.

secondly… You know that actor Hyun Bin, heard of him? He’s in the marines too. “Oh yeah, I heard about him. My mom already asked my brother.” From what her story, her mom was not even into watching k-drama, but she reads the entertainment world. Because she heard about Hyun Bin and knowing her son was in the same troupe as he is. She couldn’t help but be curious, as what’s it’s like in the marine with Hyun Bin, you know being a celebrity in Korea. She said her brother just told her mom, “It’s not a big deal. He’s like everyone else, a lonely guy missing his girlfriend.” Her mom, being so late in the Korean entertainment world said kreh I’m sure he misses SHG. And her brother, was like, “what are you talking about mom? that’s not his gf. Ha Ji Won ssi is the picture on his wallet.”
Ha JiWon Picture is on Hyun Bin's Wallet
Absolutely this is not the picture they were talking about, I just can't find a good photo to include. I'm sorry!


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