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Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin's Magical Connections

The info below were originally posted at the Facebook Page of Ha Ji Won 하지원 - International Fanpage. No copyright infringement intended, I just want to collect articles relating to Hyun Bin and Ha JiWon to make it easier for us to find a good source of write-ups that will keep our shipping fire-burning.

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Kim Tae-Pyung & Jeon Hae-Rim

Kim Tae-Pyung & Jeon Hae-Rim young ha jiwon hyun bin

If Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im's fate started from their late teens, the fairy tale of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won began from their early - mid teens. The connection of the two is just like in the drama Secret Garden. It's like telling the story of them both. The connection that they never thought of existed and that it will eventually bring them together whether romantically or not. Whatever you want to call it, if this much, I call it FATE. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won both use stage names. Before they became popular celebrities, Hyun Bin was Kim Tae Pyung and Ha Ji Won was Jeon Hae Rim.

2005 Daddy Long Legs 

2005 Daddy Long Legs ha jiwon hyun bin

Then years after, in 2005 HB played HJW’s imaginary character in Daddy Long Legs. Binnie mentioned to her while filming SG that they worked together before in this movie, but HJW didn’t remember. You just didn’t realize your fate was in front of you that time, Ji Won ssi. And the same goes to you Binnie.

2006 KBS Drama Awards

2006 KBS Drama Awards ha jiwon hyun bin

One year later, in 2006, Binnie and Jiwon won the Netizen Award in the 2006 KBS Drama Awards. HJW won for Hwang Jini and HB won for Snow Queen. It doesn’t happen that often that two leads from different dramas won this award. And when she and Jang Geun Seok from their drama Hwang Jini won the best couple award alongside with Binnie and Song Yoori for Snow Queen, she tripped to Binnie's side and bumped into him after JGS pushed her gently. She was shy and being apologetic towards Binnie.


ha jiwon hyun bin boxer

He played a boxer in his drama “Snow Queen” in 2006. She trained hard to be a boxer for her next movie “Miracle on 1st Street” in 2007.

2007 Mokdong CGV 

2007 Mokdong CGV ha jiwon hyun bin

Then in 2007 the two actors had their hands printed at the Mokdong CGV, placed next to each other. This is certainly not just a coincidence, right?

2008 Tax Officer for A Day 

2008 Tax Officer for A Day ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2008, they both served as the chief at a tax office on the 4th March. The National Tax Service department in South Korea announced that they have appointed 28 celebrities to serve as “chief for a day” at various tax offices to encourage tax payers to settle their taxes. Other Korean stars involved in the project are Han Ga-in, SeeYa, Ahn Hye-kyeong, Hyeon Yeong and Kim Sung-joo. Of all the actors, HB and HJW were assigned on the same date!

Wellmade Star M

Wellmade Star M ha jiwon hyun bin
2008(?) Before HB joined Jang Dong Gun’s agency, he was under Wellmade Star M, the same agency that HJW works for. On top of that, their pictures were put next to each other, on the website and on the sign.

2009 I'm A Good Downloader Campaign 

2009 I'm A Good Downloader Campaign ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2009, they both participated in the I’m A Good Downloader Campaign. Again they were arranged to appear next to each other in some shots.

2010 Secret Garden

2010 Secret Garden ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2010, finally, after all those connections, they are cast as the main lead in a drama, Secret Garden, as the couple. Because of their super chemistry, this drama also created a fever. Secret Garden fever. Everybody was talking about SG / SeGa , everybody was talking about Kim Joo-Won and Gil Ra-Im.

2010 SBS Drama Awards

2010 SBS Drama Awards ha jiwon hyun bin

History repeats itself. In 2010, 3 years later after they both won the Netizen Award again in the 2010 SBS Drama Awards both for Secret Garden. This time no more bumping and being apologetic.

V-Line Commercial Film (CF)

V-Line Commercial Film (CF) ha jiwon hyun bin

Both of them did advertisement for corn tea of the same brand, V-line.

Mutual Friend

Just as if it’s not enough, both of them are also close friends to Jang Dong-Gun (JDG). Because of that they can always be seen whenever JDG has an event (eg. His wedding and his movie premieres).

Seen at JDG’s wedding

Seen at JDG’s wedding ha jiwon hyun bin
The wedding was on May 2, 2010 before Secret Garden started.

Seen at JDG’s movie “The Warrior’s Way” premiere

Seen at JDG’s movie “The Warrior’s Way” premiere ha jiwon hyun bin

Both actor Hyun Bin and actress Ha Ji Won attended the world premiere screening for actor Jang Dong-gun’s Hollywood debut film “The Warrior’s Way” held at the COEX Megabox theater in Seoul, South Korea on November 22, 2010. Secret Garden was still airing at this time.

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