Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ga-in is in trouble with Ha JiWon

Ga-in, "I went to the after-party.

Since it was my first time in a movie,

I was so happy and excited to see so many different movie stars at the party.

I felt like a fan who had come to watch. I wanted to get autographs and everything.

It turned out, though that those movie stars were actually curious about me.

Yeah, so the party was progressing,

When suddenly, our song 'Abracadabra' came on the stereo.

That's when all of these super talented movie stars started to dance to the song.

(So, they got up from the tables)

(Wow, Seol Gyung Goo, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Song Seung Hun danced like that)

Kim Joo Hyuk was really good at our dance! He was really sexy.

I was so happy and was just watching them when they asked me to help them with the dance.

Unable to hide my happiness, I went around to each actor and gave them one-on-one lessons.

I went to Song Seung Hun and told him to move his hips like this.

When I was doing those things,

I saw JiWon unnie's face and she looked really unhappy.

So, while I was thinking about why she might be upset, JiWon unnie said, 'Ga-in, come over here for a minute.'

Since she said that so out of the blue, I was scared.

I was thinking, 'Did I do something wrong? Should I not have been so forward in teaching the dance?'

I was still really scared and just then, JiWon unnie said to me, 'Ga-in, follow me to the bathroom'

(Don't girls generally say that to each other when they're angry?)

Yeah, so I was really scared, especially  since JiWon unnie's personality isn't like that

In the bathroom, JiWon unnie said, "Can't you teach me that too?"

She wanted to know how to dance like us.

But this bathroom was co-ed bathroom. So it had two toilets for men use and a mirror that only showed up to our shoulders.

So, in front of those toilets, the two of us were dancing and shaking our hips.

While we were doing that, a guy come in the bathroom and ran out,
because he was shocked to see two girls moving like that in front of men toilets."


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