Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let Us Investigate the Possibilities

It's been so long since the drama "Secret Garden" ended (2011) but our hopes for the lead actors to be together for real isn't over and will never be unless one of them marry with someone else.

If you have watched this drama, you would definitely hook up and become one of the SHIPPER.

I have watched this on TV way back 2012 but I don't have the opportunity to watch all the episodes.
On 2015, Empress Ki was broadcast on GMA7 at prime time slot and I became fan of Ha Ji Won. It makes me surprise that Ha Ji Won is the lead character Gil Ra-Im of Secret Garden so I downloaded all of its episode and watch and re-watch them over and over again on my free time.

The end point?
I become GARDENER.
I become Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin SHIPPER.
I wanted them to become lover for real.
I read, back read articles.
I watched behind the scenes of Secret Garden.
I keep looking on evidences that they were dating for real.

Did they became lover?
Are they currently dating?
Is there possibility that they become an item?

Well I guess there are lot of SHIPPER out there.
I made this blog so I can collect those evidences and post it here so we can help each other live to the delusion of our own fantasies :)

I will make a compact page where we can read those evidences so it will be easy to read.
You can leave you comments here.
Please post only "what makes you think that they are a lover for real".


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