Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ha Ji Won Attend Late Autumn Premiere

ha ji won at cafe after late autumn premier

February 11, 2011 It was Late Autumn's Premiere stage greeting then. The premiere drew in massive names including Ha JiWon who came back from her photoshoot in US 3 days earlier with a jet-lag on her face. She avoided to walk in the red carpet and even the media. We can say that she's a little bit "reserved " by that time. She was on the middle part of the audience seat together with her co-star in secret garden Kim SaRang. When Hyun Bin and her leading lady Tang Wei showed up in the stage. Hyun Bin seems nervous and looking someone at the audience seat. His face drew different emotion such as longing for someone.. nervous .. and when he finally saw the one he's looking for, he then drew a smile that full of hopes and anticipation. Right after the stage greeting HJW stayed at the café together with her manager. During that very moment, HB was also in an interview for "KBS ent. Weekly" . he looked at his watch for how many times and as if he want it faster than it should be. After how many hours.. Ha JiWon's manager and other staff leave her on that table.. she then stand up from her seat and drew a big smile.. who's coming ?. it's none other than Hyun Bin :) . 
They stayed in the café after the said premiere. Sharing one table . sitting face to face. With hopes love and promises..
"I came to see you that's my answer" -.- GRI to KJW sg. Episode 14 :)

Source: TheAmazingcouple's channel YouTube


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