Friday, December 9, 2016

Hyun Bin is Present at the VIP Premiere of Ha Ji Won's movie Life-Risking Romance

Hyun Bin at VIP Premier of Ha Ji Won movie Life-Risking Romance
Hyun Bin attend Life Risking Romance VIP Premiere - December 08, 2016

This is the most awaited event that we are looking for as a Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won shipper. We last saw them being together in a single place at the Late Autumn VIP Premiere that had happened way back February 11, 2011. [Hyun Bin visit to the wake of HJW's father last January 2016 is not counted]. We of course know for sure that they've seen each other in a private meet-up after Hyun Bin's discharge in his Marine Service [December 2012]. One proof of this is when Ha Jiwon said in her fan meeting in Singapore on January 2015 that "the last time they saw each other was last year". Take note, when she said "last year", it was January 2015, so last year isn't a long time ago, it can be December of 2014! Ha ha ha 😀😂😃

Watch the video that proved for what she had said in Singapore Fan Meeting

Ha Ji Won at Life Risking Romance VIP Premier - December 08, 2016
Ha Ji Won at Life Risking Romance VIP Premiere - December 08, 2016

Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won sister Jeon Yoo Gyong at Life-Risking Romance Premier
June Yoo Gyong [left - HJW sister] holding Hyun Bin's arm at VIP Premiere
What's adds up to our intense overload joy right now is when her sister June Yoo Gyong posted this photo on her Instagram account chicandchick_space. They were probably at the backstage and she managed to take a photo with our amazing namja.

Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won mother at Life Risking Romance VIP Premier
Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won's mother [wearing black, holding Hyun Bin's arm, right]

On the next day [December 9, 2016], the Instagram account of jiwona1023 posted a photo of Hyun Bin together with Ha Ji Won's mother and some of her friends or family or staffs.

As you can see, both her sister and her mother were holding Hyun Bin's arm. Is this a sign of comfortableness? Moreover, Ha Jiwon's sister were having a thumbs up 👍 gesture, does it means that Hyun Bin is already approved to be her brother-in-law? 😏😃😀

Right now we're still waiting and hoping that there will be a photo of them together at this event, but I guess that was closely impossible to have since you and me believed that they were playing it safe not to reveal their relationship in public [if there is].

Other Photos Grabbed from Instagram for this VIP Premiere

Didn't you noticed that both of HJW's photos with these guys were in black and white? I was wondering if she personally requested it to be that way 😏😉

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ha Jiwon's Favorite Spring Song

It's autumn already and I'm a bit late to post this one.

hajiwon favorite secret garden ost
from IG of hikko3232

I've seen this photo way back March I guess and this afternoon I'm listening to
Sung Si Kyung - You Are My Spring (one of Secret Garden OST).

While listening to it I remember that this is Ha Ji Won's favorite spring song,
then I also remembered that this is the background song in Secret Garden episode 14 VIP Party kiss, and then I'm not sure but I believe it is also the background song in episode 20 Honeymoon kiss.

So I watched those episodes again to confirm, and boom... they are!

I also remembered that Ha Ji Won said in Fan Meeting (not sure where, not even sure if it is really in Fan meeting) that even she have watched Secret Garden many times, she don't get tired of watching it, that this drama is a masterpiece.

Maybe she remembered that the background song on their intense kissing scenes is "You are my spring"..

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ha Ji Won is your Current Boyfriend Close to your Dream Guy?

Ha Ji Won guesting at Star Date last August 2012.

I don't know if the Host of the show is trying to deceived Ha Jiwon by asking "Is your current boyfriend close to your dream guy?".

Did he got a rumored that Ha Jiwon had a boyfriend and he's trying to confirm it?
Or he just wondering if Ha JiWon had a boyfriend and tried a trick question to extract a clue from it?

Ha Jiwon is your current boyfriend close to your dream guy?

Ha Jiwon - Im not dating

Ha JiWon have you ever said you werent when you actually were having boyfriend?

Ha Jiwon - No. I dont lie when they I ask me if I have a boyfriend

Ha Jiwon - you never lied? No

Ha Jiwon - you just avoided the question about boyfriend

Watch the whole part of this episode

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Secret Garden Sweet Moments Compilation

secret garden ha ji won hyun bin honeymoon kiss bts
I like this clip because you can see Gil RaIm really fall on it.

ha ji won hyun bin bed kiss

hyun bin ha ji won bed kiss
It's kinda naugthy to post this one. I didn't made it, I just grab it from someone else

ha ji won hyun bin elevator kiss
Elevator kiss

hyun bin put hot pad on ha ji won's hand
Episode 13 BTS - Hyun Bin putting hot pad on Ha JiWon's hand

secret garden bts sweet ha ji won hyun bin
Episode 5 BTS
The way Ha Ji Won touches Hyun Bin to comfort him after she slaps him on this episode's scene. Hyun Bin then act like a crying child maybe he wanted another hug from Ha Ji Won.

hyun bin hold ha ji won hand
Episode 19 BTS
The cameraman caught the two holding hands.
Based on my observation, Ha JiWon is wondering why Hyun Bin is holding her hand.
After she let go his hand, HJW then put her hands together maybe because she doesn't want Hyun Bin to get a chance to grab it again? Not here Hyun Bin, people were watching ♡☺♡

holding hands hyun bin ha ji won
Hyun bin grab Ha JiWon's hand again, and this time HJW slams his hand so it would break from holding.

Couple Wear on the Day Before Hyun Bin's Birthday

I'm a bit late to post this one. Hyun Bin is wearing this long-sleeve when he visited Gwangju Biennale, a day before his birthday. Since this article is already posted this day, let me greet you a Happy 34th Birthday Hyun Bin!

Why did you take a photo with a toddler?
Are you aiming to have one?
Why not marry soon?
With Ha Ji Won of course!

The photo of Ha JiWon on the left was posted at her IG on October 02, 2015.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Business Trip to South Korea Leads Me to Gil Ra-Im House

Three days before I go to South Korea, I asked help from fellow fans on Facebook group Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won Fans Love Forever to give me the exact address of Gil RaIm house in Secret Garden. Days passed by, I'm already in Incheon but still got no response from any of them and I started to lose hope.

It was my day 3 in South Korea and it happened to be the first day of the business conference that I attend to, I met a Korean lady that was assigned to us as an interpreter for this conference. Actually, I have two colleagues who come with me on this trip, and when they left the table leaving only me and the Interpreter, [around 3pm] I courageously asked the Korean if she knew the address of Gil RaIm from Secret Garden.

Good thing she is familiar with the drama and she even told me that it was once popular in Korea. She took her phone and begun to search the location. She asked me if I know how to ride the Subway and I said yes. We add each other on a messenger WeChat. She said that the internet connection is slow.

My colleagues had returned but the Korean Interpreter haven't gave me the information I need. A moment of silence for both of us because I don't want those two colleagues of mine to know what we've been talk about.

Time is up, 6pm end of session. It is too much if I ask her to give me the information RIGHT NOW, instead I ask her if she's still be our interpreter for the Day 2 of the event and she said yes. I thought I'm gonna lose the chance but there is still hope for tomorrow's meet-up.

7pm while on the diner with the other members of the conference, I received a message on WeChat. It's just an hour before we separate ways, the Korean Interpreter gave me the instruction on how to get there. On how to come to Gil RaIm house.

God is so great isn't he? He always gave you an angel to lead the way.

The next day, I supposed to be on the Day 2 of the conference but chosen not to so I can go to Gil RaIm house. Before I leave the hotel, I asked my colleague to give the dried mangoes to the Korean Interpreter. I bought 3 dried mangoes on my country and planned to give them to any Korean that I'm gonna like or will give me a warm feeling. The first one was given to the very first taxi driver that we rode on and the second was given to Korean Interpreter.

11am, the Korean Interpreter send me a thank you message for the gift. She even said that dried mangoes was one of her favorite. If I know, I should've given the third dried mango I have.

Gil Ra-Im house Secret Garden

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ha JiWon Picture is on Hyun Bin's Wallet

I've seen this post a long time ago but I wanted to re-post this one because I think this is a good evidence we have if and only if the story being told below was true.

Original post by sintame
Re-post by rutch204 from

first… There were a small group of them talking, and there was this one guy who said he doesn’t have a wife, but he dates a lot of women, and he pulled their pictures, turns out they’re photos of actresses, lol! (not sure if it’s magazine or card or actual photos.) And there’s one pic of Hwang Jini and the guy made a gesture of kissing the picture. HB saw it and smile, and he pulled his wallet & flashed it and point to the guy’s photo as if saying she’s mine. That’s why my friend’s brother was able to say what he said, because they saw a clear photo of Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won together.

secondly… You know that actor Hyun Bin, heard of him? He’s in the marines too. “Oh yeah, I heard about him. My mom already asked my brother.” From what her story, her mom was not even into watching k-drama, but she reads the entertainment world. Because she heard about Hyun Bin and knowing her son was in the same troupe as he is. She couldn’t help but be curious, as what’s it’s like in the marine with Hyun Bin, you know being a celebrity in Korea. She said her brother just told her mom, “It’s not a big deal. He’s like everyone else, a lonely guy missing his girlfriend.” Her mom, being so late in the Korean entertainment world said kreh I’m sure he misses SHG. And her brother, was like, “what are you talking about mom? that’s not his gf. Ha Ji Won ssi is the picture on his wallet.”
Ha JiWon Picture is on Hyun Bin's Wallet
Absolutely this is not the picture they were talking about, I just can't find a good photo to include. I'm sorry!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Ha Ji-Won had to Kiss Hyun Bin 20 Times

I wonder what kissing scene on Secret Garden they were talking about. Do you have any idea folks? I also wonder where did they get that info. By the way, they were Showbiz Korea from Arirang K-Pop so I guess we can trust what they were saying.

ha ji won had to kiss hyun bin 20 times

ha ji won laughed so much on-camera kiss they reshoot 20 times

Watch the full segment of CELEB-O-METER together with Austin Foxtail below. 

The video was uploaded on YouTube on July 7, 2016 

What kissing they were talking about? [Update July 10, 2016]

Days after posting this news, I'm still not at ease not knowing which of those Secret Garden kissing scenes they were referring to. So I googled it and came up with only one reasonable answer.

secret garden hajiwon hyunbin bench kiss retake 20x times
I clicked the link but the webpage doesn't exist anymore. Good thing I know how to get the cached copy of website, so here it is.

kyknya mreka bdua HB ma HJW dikerjain deh mah sutradara (moso aktor ma aktris pro and top) yg punya sejarah panjang dibidang perkissingan di movie or drama, bench kiss mesti take 20X, bed kiss 6-7 jam, yg dslju ame guling berkali2. [posted 2011]

The problem now is that I don't understand what's the meaning of that phrase and what language that is being used. But it is clear to see that he is saying that the Bench Kiss was retake for 20x (times). Please take note that Bench Kiss is not the right answer but a possible answer for the question above.

secret garden bench kiss
This bench kiss is their first kissing scene and definitely their first kiss
Secret Garden - Episode 6

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin's Magical Connections

The info below were originally posted at the Facebook Page of Ha Ji Won 하지원 - International Fanpage. No copyright infringement intended, I just want to collect articles relating to Hyun Bin and Ha JiWon to make it easier for us to find a good source of write-ups that will keep our shipping fire-burning.

Hello to Amazing Couple, JB Angels, and other Shippers out there.

Kim Tae-Pyung & Jeon Hae-Rim

Kim Tae-Pyung & Jeon Hae-Rim young ha jiwon hyun bin

If Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im's fate started from their late teens, the fairy tale of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won began from their early - mid teens. The connection of the two is just like in the drama Secret Garden. It's like telling the story of them both. The connection that they never thought of existed and that it will eventually bring them together whether romantically or not. Whatever you want to call it, if this much, I call it FATE. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won both use stage names. Before they became popular celebrities, Hyun Bin was Kim Tae Pyung and Ha Ji Won was Jeon Hae Rim.

2005 Daddy Long Legs 

2005 Daddy Long Legs ha jiwon hyun bin

Then years after, in 2005 HB played HJW’s imaginary character in Daddy Long Legs. Binnie mentioned to her while filming SG that they worked together before in this movie, but HJW didn’t remember. You just didn’t realize your fate was in front of you that time, Ji Won ssi. And the same goes to you Binnie.

2006 KBS Drama Awards

2006 KBS Drama Awards ha jiwon hyun bin

One year later, in 2006, Binnie and Jiwon won the Netizen Award in the 2006 KBS Drama Awards. HJW won for Hwang Jini and HB won for Snow Queen. It doesn’t happen that often that two leads from different dramas won this award. And when she and Jang Geun Seok from their drama Hwang Jini won the best couple award alongside with Binnie and Song Yoori for Snow Queen, she tripped to Binnie's side and bumped into him after JGS pushed her gently. She was shy and being apologetic towards Binnie.


ha jiwon hyun bin boxer

He played a boxer in his drama “Snow Queen” in 2006. She trained hard to be a boxer for her next movie “Miracle on 1st Street” in 2007.

2007 Mokdong CGV 

2007 Mokdong CGV ha jiwon hyun bin

Then in 2007 the two actors had their hands printed at the Mokdong CGV, placed next to each other. This is certainly not just a coincidence, right?

2008 Tax Officer for A Day 

2008 Tax Officer for A Day ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2008, they both served as the chief at a tax office on the 4th March. The National Tax Service department in South Korea announced that they have appointed 28 celebrities to serve as “chief for a day” at various tax offices to encourage tax payers to settle their taxes. Other Korean stars involved in the project are Han Ga-in, SeeYa, Ahn Hye-kyeong, Hyeon Yeong and Kim Sung-joo. Of all the actors, HB and HJW were assigned on the same date!

Wellmade Star M

Wellmade Star M ha jiwon hyun bin
2008(?) Before HB joined Jang Dong Gun’s agency, he was under Wellmade Star M, the same agency that HJW works for. On top of that, their pictures were put next to each other, on the website and on the sign.

2009 I'm A Good Downloader Campaign 

2009 I'm A Good Downloader Campaign ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2009, they both participated in the I’m A Good Downloader Campaign. Again they were arranged to appear next to each other in some shots.

2010 Secret Garden

2010 Secret Garden ha jiwon hyun bin

In 2010, finally, after all those connections, they are cast as the main lead in a drama, Secret Garden, as the couple. Because of their super chemistry, this drama also created a fever. Secret Garden fever. Everybody was talking about SG / SeGa , everybody was talking about Kim Joo-Won and Gil Ra-Im.

2010 SBS Drama Awards

2010 SBS Drama Awards ha jiwon hyun bin

History repeats itself. In 2010, 3 years later after they both won the Netizen Award again in the 2010 SBS Drama Awards both for Secret Garden. This time no more bumping and being apologetic.

V-Line Commercial Film (CF)

V-Line Commercial Film (CF) ha jiwon hyun bin

Both of them did advertisement for corn tea of the same brand, V-line.

Mutual Friend

Just as if it’s not enough, both of them are also close friends to Jang Dong-Gun (JDG). Because of that they can always be seen whenever JDG has an event (eg. His wedding and his movie premieres).

Seen at JDG’s wedding

Seen at JDG’s wedding ha jiwon hyun bin
The wedding was on May 2, 2010 before Secret Garden started.

Seen at JDG’s movie “The Warrior’s Way” premiere

Seen at JDG’s movie “The Warrior’s Way” premiere ha jiwon hyun bin

Both actor Hyun Bin and actress Ha Ji Won attended the world premiere screening for actor Jang Dong-gun’s Hollywood debut film “The Warrior’s Way” held at the COEX Megabox theater in Seoul, South Korea on November 22, 2010. Secret Garden was still airing at this time.

source: Ha Ji Won 하지원 - International Fanpage NOTE

Thank you © purplez and Bryce for this amazing post :)
I don't know who they are but that was the credited name under the post on their FB Page.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won Couple Wears

This is the latest photo of Hyun Bin wearing the suspicious couple jacket. The photo was taken on April 11, 2016 during the event of 'Cooperation' - his new movie that is expected to release before this year 2016 ends.

If it's true that this jacket is a couple wear of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, does it mean that they are still dating?

It was 2011 when we first saw Hyun Bin wearing this jacket. OMO, that was 5 years ago and he still wearing this? Is it normal for an actor or any rich personalities to keep their clothes that long and wear it occasionally? 

Take a closer look at Hyun Bin and Ha JiWon couple jacket.

Below are some suspicious couple wears that were taken around 2011 before Hyun Bin entered his mandatory military service.

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin couple jacket
couple jacket

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin couple scarf
couple scarf

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin couple scarf again

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ga-in is in trouble with Ha JiWon

Ga-in, "I went to the after-party.

Since it was my first time in a movie,

I was so happy and excited to see so many different movie stars at the party.

I felt like a fan who had come to watch. I wanted to get autographs and everything.

It turned out, though that those movie stars were actually curious about me.

Yeah, so the party was progressing,

When suddenly, our song 'Abracadabra' came on the stereo.

That's when all of these super talented movie stars started to dance to the song.

(So, they got up from the tables)

(Wow, Seol Gyung Goo, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Song Seung Hun danced like that)

Kim Joo Hyuk was really good at our dance! He was really sexy.

I was so happy and was just watching them when they asked me to help them with the dance.

Unable to hide my happiness, I went around to each actor and gave them one-on-one lessons.

I went to Song Seung Hun and told him to move his hips like this.

When I was doing those things,

I saw JiWon unnie's face and she looked really unhappy.

So, while I was thinking about why she might be upset, JiWon unnie said, 'Ga-in, come over here for a minute.'

Since she said that so out of the blue, I was scared.

I was thinking, 'Did I do something wrong? Should I not have been so forward in teaching the dance?'

I was still really scared and just then, JiWon unnie said to me, 'Ga-in, follow me to the bathroom'

(Don't girls generally say that to each other when they're angry?)

Yeah, so I was really scared, especially  since JiWon unnie's personality isn't like that

In the bathroom, JiWon unnie said, "Can't you teach me that too?"

She wanted to know how to dance like us.

But this bathroom was co-ed bathroom. So it had two toilets for men use and a mirror that only showed up to our shoulders.

So, in front of those toilets, the two of us were dancing and shaking our hips.

While we were doing that, a guy come in the bathroom and ran out,
because he was shocked to see two girls moving like that in front of men toilets."

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ha Ji Won 2nd visit in the Philippines?

Most of us 1023 from the Philippines knew that Ha Ji Won made a private visit in our country on June 29 - July 1, 2012 and I guess only a few of us knew that she made another visit here in the Philippines.

It just so happens that I don't want to work at this very moment and ended up looking back on Ha Ji Won Instagram account. One picture catches my attention and it's so funny that I am thinking...

"The sky looks like above the Philippines' perimeter."
"The grass looks like from the Philippines."

Ha Ji Won in Splendido Taal Golf Philippines
@hajiwon1023 Instagram post Aug. 29, 2013

And then I checked the comments from that picture.
Thanks to immariedorilee for giving me an idea.
I immediately search for Splendido Taal Golf pictures to verify the place.

Viola! The pictures look the same. I can therefore conclude that she came to the Philippines more than once.  Not sure if this is the second time. Maybe she came to our country more than the evidence that we could have gathered.

I also tried to search for her pictures on golf course and I've seen more at

October 3, 2012 at Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club in Yeoju, Kyong Ki Do

And now I am kinda confused. She wore same outfit except for the cap.

She also have other two Instagram post that I can say they look like taken from the Philippines.

Ha Ji Won in Batangas Port Philippines
Aug. 30, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
This looks like Batangas port? I don't know. I'm not sure.

Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Sep. 01, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
My friend told me that there are Rambutan in Mindoro. 
Based on Wikipedia, Rambutan is native to tropical country like Philippines (Korea is not on the list).
The fruit is usually ripe in August and September.

On the way to Mindoro, you need to travel by water at the Batangas Port that's why I came to conclusion that the ocean picture is from Batangas and the Rambutan is from Mindoro.
Hahaha, I am good at linking things and happenings.

Other pictures in between those concluded visit date 

Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Aug. 29, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Aug. 29, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Aug. 30, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Aug. 31, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post
Ha Ji Won private vacation in Philippines
Sep. 01, 2013 @hajiwon1023 Instagram post